Because life is better tan!🌞

Took a quick trip to Cabo! 98 & sunny with a UV index of 10! Lol JK its literally 50 degrees in our family room right now and we’re all pale AF. However, Allison, owner of Luxty Tans has us covered! She provides mobile service spray tans meaning she comes to YOU! How convenient, especially … Continue reading Because life is better tan!🌞


411 on Celery Juice✨

Now a days it seems like everybody is jumping on the celery juice train, and since I have my new juicer I decided to investigate a little further. Turns out, juicing PURELY celery juice has extreme health perks. It is most powerful when drank alone because when blended with other things the function changes and … Continue reading 411 on Celery Juice✨

KoKo for Kopari✨

Coconut oil is well known for being a “cure-all” for just about everything. From the kitchen to just about every beauty hack, coconut oil has show cased its way to being a hot topic! It helps make our skin glowy, healthy, hydrated, & smooth✨ It is LOADED with vitamin E, which is filled with antioxidants … Continue reading KoKo for Kopari✨

F45 Training✨💪🏼

I’ve always been very active my whole life! I cheered competitively throughout grade school and even cheered when I went to college. When I went back to school for nursing (my second degree) I was drowning in work trying to balance three different rotations, studying for a test every week, working part-time, and trying to … Continue reading F45 Training✨💪🏼

Stress Pimples… Be gone!

Hi guys! Time for a life update because I promised! It has officially been a month since I received news about the Hahnemann lay-offs. I am a strong believer that “everything happens for a reason” and I can finally say I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Soo rewind … Continue reading Stress Pimples… Be gone!


One of my favorite workouts to do when the weather gets cooler is hot yoga! It’s a great way to break a sweat while feeling completely refreshed after. I use to go to Hot Box Yoga in University City but now I live in the Fairmount area so I was in search for a closer … Continue reading NAMASTE✨🙏🏼


Do you ever feel like a loaf after a long fun weekend?! I know I do! I got to spend the weekend reuniting with some nursing friends (always calls for a rowdy time) and tailgating the Eagles! The weekend was filled with a ton of fun and eating like there was no tomorrow. Therefore, come … Continue reading DETOX FACE MASK🍵💁🏻