Stress Pimples… Be gone!

Hi guys!

Time for a life update because I promised! It has officially been a month since I received news about the Hahnemann lay-offs. I am a strong believer that “everything happens for a reason” and I can finally say I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Soo rewind backwards a little bit…. The day I found out about the lay-offs. I will never forget the pure anxiety I felt. Nursing was my second degree, not first. Therefore, I am in quite a bit of student loan debt. However, like I said in my previous post, I am not a “lets take a second to process the situation” type of person. My fight or flight immediately took over my body. I literally did not sleep until I landed an interview. On top of that, the financial blinker was also going off in my head because I am a saver (I will legit travel the extra miles to Produce Junction to buy celery instead of buying the more convenient but more expensive bag at Trader Joe’s). The thought of having to dip into my savings account during this time sucks but I know that is what it is there for (rainy days). I tried thinking of different ways I could make “spending money”. I started doing random things like helping this family pick up their kids from school because it was easy and provided me with some extra money to pay bills and have a social life.

With persistent effort, I landed my first interview two days after the lay-off. I was ecstatic, nervous, and emotional all in one. Thinking here we go Jas, put your best foot forward and just be YOU. Later that week, I found out about another interview. Both of these hospitals specialized in pediatrics (kiddos hospital). Long story short, providing care for kids is VERY different. Everything you thought you ever knew changes (vitals, lab values, literally everything). I knew going into pediatrics was going to be tough and that I would basically have to re-learn everything but I was up for the challenge. Plus, it was a job, right?

A week later I found out about another interview… This one was everything I could imagine. It was a general medicine/gynecological surgery position. I’ve always had a love for women’s health so I loved the gynecological surgery aspect! As a matter of fact I hope to be a labor & delivery nurse one day! Anyways, back to the story lol I get side tracked easily… It’s been a month full of stress pimples. Stressed because I didn’t have a job and stressed because I had amazing offers and didn’t know where to continue my journey! On top of that, I moved in with my aunt to save money so the commute to and from the city has been pretty exhausting (thumbs down to the traffic on 76, and kudos to whoever makes that commute everyday). I’ve also been apartment hunting with Aidan (we are moving in together!) so we have been busy going to numerous showings. I’ve been planning my first blogger event that I will be co-hosting! Then there’s just life! So safe to say, my face has definitely been striking at me and my skin has been at an all time low breaking out like crazy!

Fast forward to today, I am excited to share with all of you that I have chosen a position at Jefferson Hospital! I could not be anymore excited. I have a lot to look forward to in the next couple months! Aidan graduates from law school on Monday, I’ll be starting my new job next month, my first blog event is this Sunday, and today we signed for our very first apartment together! Everything truly happens for a reason and the past month of stress is starting to pay off. Praying my skin begins to chill and then everything will be picture perfect (or at least pretty damn close to it)! Thank you so much for everyone who has continued to check in on me (SRSLY I APPRECIATE YOU) and for all of you that continue to follow along! I am so grateful! Cheers to the next chapter in life, I could not be anymore excited!

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