Why does the nurse need a red pen? In case she needs to draw blood! Ha! Ha! I had too! Ok, enough with the corny jokes onto the good stuff!

This post has been sponsored by Zebra Pen. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Raise your hand if you have that one beloved pen that is your go-to and no other pen can replace it! For all my nurses (natural pen freaks), to-do list doers, and on-the-go busy bees, I am finally sharing my favorite pen that sparks so much joy and get’s me through what I need to do! Let me introduce my beloved Zebra G-350 Gel Retractable Pen! Your everyday, sleek, affordable, perfect glide pen that dries in less than ONE second. Yes, I said it. ONE second. Bye-bye, smudges!

My G-350 gel pen helps motivate me to achieve my professional and personal goals all while standing out from the crowd! Check out more information here on how you can Choose Different!

As a labor and delivery nurse, it is very important to have the right pen to perform a plethora of tasks that have to get done! There are SO many moving parts from triaging to laboring to delivering then recovering until appropriate to send your patient to postpartum. It is so important to try and stay as organized as possible to ensure a smooth process. I love using a premium quality pen like the G-350 because it does NOT smudge! I seriously can’t get over how fast the ink dries! There’s nothing worse than having ink all over your hands and down your scrubs! The quick drying ink eliminates that problem! The convenient yet sturdy metal clip always ensures that my pen is always within reach and can easily be secured on my ID clip or scrub pocket. The textured rubber grip is perfect for when I am in a rush! When filling out report sheets, the pen glides so smoothly. It is truly amazing and the best for filling out baby bands and footprint cards which their parents will cherish forever!

On my days off from the hospital, I use my G-350 to jot down my daily to-do lists, journal, and plan future content ideas for my lifestyle blog. I have to keep track of deadlines, content creation days, and posting dates. My planner is my bible. If it isn’t written down in my planner- it doesn’t exist! I like to keep everything super organized and neat. I love that my G-350 gel pen dries fast in a hurry and makes my crazy planner look great! It really has become my everyday go to pen!

Don’t settle for an ordinary pen…. Choose Different! I guarantee once you pick one up, you will never go back!


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