Mid-Week Sprout’s Grocery Haul!

Hi guys! Letting you all in on my mid week Sprout’s Grocery Haul! They have a bunch of great things on sale right now. All of their vitamins & body care stuff is all 25% off right now! Suju juice is also BOGO free! Below are the things I bought today! Don’t forget, the best day to go to Sprout’s is on Wednesday’s for double deals (deals from previous wk + new deals from new week)! Total = under $50!


Super greens salad mix & baby spinach/arugula salad mix (2 for $6)
Blueberries ($0.98!!!)
Cherry tomatoes (2 for $4)
Sweet Potato ($0.65)
Naval Oranges ($0.68 each)
Fruit & Vegetable Wash ($3.29)

  • I really want to get better at washing my fruits & veggies this year! I
    usually only run them under water for a second but a co worker of mine was showing me the difference with using a “wash” and it really does make a
    significant difference!

Snacks: tried my best to pick out healthy snacks to start out the new year!
Fundelina (2 for $4)

  • I got the chocolate hazelnut, & choc/strawberry

Beef Jerky Hatch Jalapeño flavor ($4.99)
Ezekiel Bread on sale for 15% off! ($4.24)
Brown Rice Cakes ($0.99)
Yogurts ($0.99-1.99)

  • The Chobani Greek yogurts have less sugar than regular! The SO delicious brand is my favorite it has zero cholesterol! 

Bacon Habanero Tortilla Chips ($2.99)

  • These chips are the BOMB DOT COM. They are pretty healthified too for
    getting that snack craving in! Only 1g of sugar and 130 calories per serving

Chicken breasts/tenders ($1.99/lb)
Organic Jasmine Rice (2 for $3)
Organic Chicken Broth ($1.99)

Lip Food Nutrient-Dense Organic Lip Balm ($2.62)

  • I got the rosemary mint with chamomile mushroom extract. This is my first
    time using it and it feels so soft and moisturizing! I think I found a new



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