Greek Layer Dip!

Yesterday my roommates and I had a “roomie dinner” where everyone was in charge of making one dish! I had to make the “snack”, Kelsey made a spinach salad with pear/candied walnuts/Gorgonzola, Elise made mozzarella stuffed chicken meatballs, and Sam made Apple Crisp for dessert! We want to start doing this each month and rotate who makes the snack, app, entree, and dessert! It is a nice way for all of us to spend good ole quality time together.

I decided to make a simple Greek Layer Dip! This is the perfect side dish to bring over to a party and…… it’s HEALTHY & EASY to make! It’s also roomie approved! 😉


Spread hummus in a bowl or dish. Next, spread Greek yogurt on top of hummus. Top with diced cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives if you like olives but I HATE olives haha there’s not many foods I do not like but olives are one of them! You can also add red onion! Sprinkle with black pepper for a little kick. Serve with pita chips & fresh veggies for dipping! Simple & delicious! 😋




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