Golden Matcha Latte✨🍵

I have been picking up some night shifts at work and waking up feeling a bit groggy so I definitely needed a little pick me up! This golden matcha latte is the perfect mix of staying warm on a cool day and feeling rejuvenated to buckle down for another night shift tonight! I use Pure Chimp’s Matcha Powder because it’s ceremonial grade meaning that it comes from the first harvest. Long story short, you reap all of the nutritional & antioxidant benefits and the flavor is very smooth & robust with no added sugar! (Ditch the Trader Joe’s & Starbucks matcha, it’s loaded with added sugar even when you tell Starbucks no sugar it’s already mixed in their matcha powder!)

*Promo code Jasmine10 for a discount for Pure Chimp Matcha Powder🍵


+Add 1 tsp Pure Chimp Matcha Powder to mug
+Add a splash of hot water & whisk in “M or W” shape
+Add hot almond milk
+Optional: add raw honey
+Whisk again w/ milk frother— I use the brand Sedhoom, you can get it off Amazon— very affordable 😉
+Sprinkle with turmeric powder✨

🍵Matcha helps purify the body & ✨turmeric adds extra antioxidants! 🙏🏼

Jasmine xo


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