Because life is better tan🌞


Took a quick trip to Cabo! 98 & sunny with a UV index of 10! Lol JK its literally 50 degrees in our family room right now and we’re all pale AF. However, Allison, owner of Luxty Tans has us covered! She provides mobile service spray tans meaning she comes to YOU! How convenient, especially for all you 9-5 people who are struggling to get into the city for a spray tan appointment. My best friend/roomie/blog-ager Sam heard of her services through the grapevine from girls that were in our sorority from Drexel, so she decided to give her a try! Allison came over to our house with all of her supplies and was extremely friendly and SO easy to get along with! The spray tan itself took less than 15 minutes and she used the express solution so that Sam could shower in three hours. This process was so quick, easy, & Allison was fantastic to work with!

She also does lash lifts/tints & waxing. She is in the process of releasing a self tanning foam & we can’t wait to try it! I got way to excited to post this just because the service was so great! I will post pictures tomorrow of what the tan looks like and our Halloween costumes! Follow her on insta! (@luxtytans)


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