Coco for coconuts!


Step aside ACV! There’s a new hot shot in town and you will all want to get in on this once you read this post!

What is it & Why Coconut Vinegar over ACV!?
So it doesn’t come from the white flesh tropical fruit we are all so familiar with. Instead, it comes from coconut trees that are grown in nutrient rich volcanic soil. Because of that, the “sap” that is created from tapping on the coconut blossoms are filled with a bunch of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamins B & C and much more! (Although apples from ACV carry nutritional benefits, the sap trumps them! ACV only carries trace amounts since it is not naturally fermented).

Taste! Ok guys this is a huge one for me. ACV can be SO hard to get down! Coconut vinegar has a MUCH more milder smoother taste. Definitely way easier to get down! You should still dilute it in water when you make your wellness shots because it is still “vinegar” and can burn your esophagus/ruin your tooth enamel. (recipe down below!)

Why drink it BEFORE meals?
When you eat a high carb meal, it can flood your body with sugar. When you take a shot of coconut vinegar before you eat, you can help your body’s insulin pull out the sugar more efficiently! It also contains acetic acid which aids in weight loss by making you feel full longer and keeping blood sugar levels even.

Immunity Boosting! Since it’s so rich in nutrients, it can help naturally boost your immune system & fight off illnesses. When buying this make sure you are getting the one that comes from sap! DON’T GET THE ONE FROM coconut water it is not nearly as nutritious! (Sap naturally ferments whereas coconut water goes through an assisted fermentation missing out on many natural probiotics & enzymes found in sap)

Probiotics = GUT HEALTH! Since coconut vinegar is naturally fermented for eight months to a year, it is a natural source of probiotics. It also has an alkalizing effect on the body (good!) whereas balsamic, red, & white vinegars have an acidic effect on the body (bad)!

Similar to ACV, you can get creative with coconut vinegar uses. It can be used as a wellness shot before meals to stabilize blood sugar, all-natural hair detox, fruit disinfectant, or salad dressing!

I got mine from Sprouts Farmer’s Market for $4.99. If you download the Sprout’s app there is a coupon for $1 off! (love a discount even if it’s only a dollar!)

Morning Wellness Shot
2-3 caps of coconut vinegar
8 oz of water
Optional: Raw honey (I usually don’t add honey because the coconut has subtle sweetness!)

Mocktail (before dinner 😉
Mint leaves
2-3 caps of coconut vinegar
8 oz sparkling water
1/2 lime

  • Steps:
    Muddle mint leaves, add coconut vinegar, sparkling water, & juice from half a lime!



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