MOH Duties Begin!✨ A bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale, AZ!🌵🥂💃🏻

Holy moley I am so excited to write this up because this was by far the most fun event I have ever planned in my life. Not going to lie- it took me MONTHS to plan, but it was all so worth it because we all had an UNFORGETTABLE time and I was so happy to spoil the soon to be bride aka my BFF, Maura! 

Alright, let’s dive in! So, why Scottsdale? When I rounded up the list of girls Maura had sent me for her bachelorette I noticed that a lot of people were traveling from all over. The beautiful thing about Scottsdale is that it is easy to fly into and a short ride from the Phoenix airport (~15-20 mins) to all the fun. 

It is funny to think- not too long ago Scottsdale was somewhere most middle aged men went to play golf, now it is quickly becoming a huge bachelor/bachelorette destination. Every place we went to was filled with bach parties! The way I like to describe it- if Palm Springs & Vegas had a baby- it would be Scottsdale. It’s hip, walkable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to fly into! 

Largest cactus in the world!🌵

WEATHER: A lot of people asked why we went to Maura’s bach so early if she isn’t getting married until November…. Well, from June-September Scottsdale’s heat is way TOO hot to enjoy. So, we decided on May! The mornings and evenings are absolutely perfect in the 70’s and during the day it gets to 80-100 degrees but it is dry heat, not humid at all!

ITINERARY: if you haven’t noticed I am a huge planner, so an itinerary was a must. However, even if you aren’t a planner I always think it’s a good idea to have at least one activity/meal planned out each day for the bach weekend. It allows you to not let the day get ahead of you and have some fun things marked down. Plus, getting an itinerary typed out and printed adds that extra shuzz to your decor for a very low cost! I used a template from Etsy (LINKED HERE), and printed it out at FedEx.

DECOR: I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard to plan a bachelorette that was on the west coast while I myself reside on the east coast. I knew I wanted to go all out on decorations but the thought of bringing a million and one suitcases was not feasible for myself or my wallet. I was so excited when I discovered Girl About Town! They are a bach service that allows you to ship decor to them! They also help in set up, you can rent pool floats from them, they can go grocery shopping for you and stock your fridge. #Winning am I right??? Who wants to take an uber and lug 20 bags of groceries. NOT ME. GAT were literally life savers. I shipped the decor directly to their office, met them the day of set up to give them the couple of decorations I had with me that I couldn’t ship, and sent a grocery list. They also have different decor packages but I knew I was too much of a control freak and wanted to pick out my own. For this option it was $299!

Bride Heart Sunglasses | Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses | Personalized Bride Visor 

She said OKURR balloons | Custom KAMP KRANZEL Balloons | Boho Neutral Balloon Arch Shatterproof Champ Glasses | Tumblers (personalization by @exit48designs | Wifey Straw | Bride Pink Bandana | Babe Neutral Bandana

Shein is the best place to get accessories you don’t want to spend a ton of $$ on. I thought getting matching sunglasses and visors for everyone was a cute touch to the decor. Best place to get things that you’ll only use on the bach weekend. 

Pink Round Sunglasses | Pink Visors

Another place I got a lot of decor from was XOFetti, they are based out of Philadelphia! All of their items are super cute and they have awesome packages too! CODE: LOVE2PARTY for 20% off! 

Koozies | P*NIS Straws | Scrunchies | Diamond RIng/Bride Straws | Bride Squad Cups 

HANGOVER KITS! — the cutest favor that every person in attendance will later thank you for! 

+personalized bags from Etsy (love when you can add a little personalization, it adds a little shuzz to your decor!)

+Liquid IV (I chose Tangerine, it’s my favorite flavor & usually a fan fave!) CODE: JASMINEWIIN25 for 25% off and FREE shipping!

+Individual Packets of Advil (I placed two packets in each persons kit

+Neutrogena Face Wipe 

+Bandaids (Welly makes cute ones, and you can get them off Amazon!)

+Eye Masks (great for de-puffing sleep deprived eyes!)


AIR BNB: If there is one thing I can recommend about renting an Air BnB in Scottsdale, it is to get one with a pool. Most of them have one! It was the best to lounge around the pool during our down time. I loved our Air BnB because it had the most beautiful outdoor space with a fire pit, grill, large dining table for a large group/perfect flip cup table, pool, and a cute little photo backdrop! The inside was also absolutely gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing! The only thing that I would have changed was that it only had 2 bathrooms for 13 girls, but we managed! The owner was absolutely amazing too. 


SCOTTSDALE BOHO PICNIC: The first night is always a little chaotic to plan a formal sit down dinner since everyone is flying into AZ at different times. I knew I didn’t want to stress about a dinner reservation so I planned the next best thing– a picnic at the air bnb! Holy crap! @scottsdalebohoevents truly transformed the backyard with a beautiful boho picnic. It was so cozy and the perfect way to kick off the bach weekend. They come set up and clean up when finished! So easy and stress free! Mauras fiance ordered us take out from Diego Pops! It was absolutely perfect.

**I added the Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses as a nice touch for “name cards”. They were super pricey on Etsy so I found them at a cheaper cost on Amazon and had @ajcallig add the names on for $2 per glass. Seriously hit her up for all of your calligraphy needs!  

JEEP TOUR:  If you are going to Scottsdale, a jeep tour is a must. I was about to nix it from our itinerary because of cost but I am so glad I didn’t.  It was worth every penny and I can’t recommend it enough. We got to truly see what Arizona is all about and learned so much all while enjoying the breeze from the jeep ride. There were 13 of us and we all fit into one large jeep. There is an option for White Claw and Craft Beer to be on board but we opted for the water and powerade option because everyone went a litttttle too hard the first evening lol. The views were amazing, and the pictures don’t do the Arizona Desert justice. For our group of 13 and taking care of the bride’s portion it was $110pp. If you can, request Nick, he was AMAZING!

SCOTTSDALE CABANA BOYS: The best way to get a bunch of hungover girls to rally. Think of them as a Manservant?!  They are the sweetest guys who cater to your every PG-13 need. AKA grilled some burgers/hot dogs (what girl wants to grill, NOPE), made sure we had sunscreen, always refilled our drinks, played games, took out the trash, and took our photos (A TRUE DREAM IN MY BOOK). We honestly ended up becoming friends with these guys, they were so fun! HIGHLY REC!! **tbh they honestly made the day so fun because we were all so dead from the night before! *Evan & Jack were the bomb*

DIERKS BENTLY WHISKEY ROW: By far the bach fave bar of the weekend. SO much fun and @deejaydiesel truly made our weekend. Great vibes. 

*All of the bars are outdoors and all right next to each other. Makes it so easy to bar hop!

WINE GIRL SCOTTSDALE: the most IG worthy place in Scottsdale that we unfortunately did not get to check out. Think- wine on tap, wooden swings, and lite bites perfect for sharing!  I had this as our last scheduled event on the itinerary but after a long weekend we opted for Domino’s and lounging by the pool. Next time I go to Scottsdale- I’ll definitely have this on my list to check out! 

PANTY GAME: I had everyone bring a panty for the bride that describes their personality or relationship with the bride. She then guesses who it’s from and if she is correct the person that bought her the panty has to drink! If she guesses wrong, she drinks! So fun- and the bride get’s to go home with a bunch of new panties! Ordered this cute template off etsy and framed it with a simple gold frame from Target! 

Drop Your Panties Here Sign | Gold Frame

OUTFITS: If you are throwing a bach party, you NEED to at least throw one theme night in there or at least one matching outfit night! It is so fun and a great way to make the bride stand out! On Night 1, we all wore white bottoms and matching t-shirts that were in everyone’s gift bag! For the Jeep Tour, I had everyone wear black while Maura wore white (which now that I think about it was a little brutal because of the heat lol but we all survived!)! 

EATS! I spent hours and hours researching restaurants and reading through hundreds of reviews. I chose restaurants that were to die for based on three things– FOOD, AMBIANCE, & EXPERIENCE. Hey, we were in Scottsdale for a short amount of time, I wanted to make sure we were doing it right. I can’t recommend the restaurants below enough. Even if you just go to one of these, holy crap was it an awesome experience! 

JOJO COFFEEHOUSE: the cutest coffee shop that also serves up coffee and mimosa flights. Yep you heard that right. We came here after our jeep tour so we ended up ordering take out, instead of eating in. The space is absolutely beautiful and the food is incredible! A great casual breakfast spot. They also have live music! Food and ambiance 10/10. 

TOCA MADERA: think sexy fun traditional mexican with a modern flare. We did the chef’s tasting menu and it was absolutely INCREDIBLE. The food, the drinks, the fire show, the vibe– all of it was out of this world. The second the two men at the front open the door for you, you feel like you are transported to a different vibey world. It was truly magnificent. Every drink was so thoughtfully crafted and the presentation was always on point. They lit every drink on fire lol it was so cool. It was the most elevated mexican food I have ever had and I can’t recommend enough. Food, ambiance, and experience 10/10.

MAPLE & ASH: oh my gosh. This place is the definition of a BOUJEE BRUNCH. To say I was obsessed with this place from the moment we walked in, is an understatement. It was truly breathtaking. I reserved “The Green Room” for us. It is completely private and can seat up to 16 people. This room was unreal. Flowers on the ceiling, candles lit, and customizable menus for the bride to feel special! We had brunch here on our last day and it was out of this world. Think lobster avocado toast (yes, a whole lobster), king crab eggs benefit, filet mignon for the table. It was the best food ever. Brunch was $55pp where everyone could pick their entree and then for the table to share it included beignets (que Kim K), breakfast potatoes, maple glazed bacon, fire roasted filet mignon, and AZ date cake. Are you drooling yet!? We did the bottomless mims option for $35pp. The waiters are so much fun and start your brunch experience with this amazing cocktail with a coffee flare. There is also an option where you can get the bride to open a bottle of champagne with a sword! Literally all of the best experiences. Also, they have this amazing shot we did called the espresso lavender martini shot. HIGHLY REC. I wish I had the recipe. They have another location in Chicago. I definitely want to try their dinner next time! Food, ambiance, and experience 20/10. Seriously just amazing. 


+ If your trip is getting a little pricey I definitely suggest having a pool day at your airbnb and getting the scottsdale cabana boys to come instead! Way cheaper than getting a table and bottle service at the day clubs and still so much fun without breaking the bank.

+Bottle Service at a nightclub. To me- the pre games are always the most fun and all of the bars are so fun you really don’t need to get a table!

+Himalayan Shot Glasses: SO cute for pictures, horrible shot glasses. If you literally didn’t drink the shot RIGHT AWAY the alcohol became SUPER SALTY. Also since it is salt after a while the alcohol begins to leak through. 

+If you are itching to do a group workout during the bach weekend, I do not recommend hiking camelback mountain. Picture this- a bunch of hungover girls in the scorching heat hiking a TOUGH mountain. Yeah, you don’t want to be the one on the news because they have to rescue you from a helicopter!  Instead, I would recommend getting @thebalancedbachelorette to come to your air bnb for a relaxing yoga class! She offers add on packages of live music, brunch, organic juices, picnics, and a mimosa bar!! 


You guys may have noticed that my best friend Maura and I came to Scottsdale two days before everyone arrived! We used this time to spend some QT together since she now lives in FL. We spent this time going to restaurants we really wanted to try and to explore Scottsdale! 

WHERE WE STAYED: The Scott Resort! It was absolutely breathtaking. Picture a very boho chic, bright and airy resort. It was absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to go back. Every inch of this place was absolutely beautiful. Our room had doors that led right outside to the resort and a cute sitting area. The Canal Club is also located here, and we spent time before and after dinner enjoying a cocktail! At night they have fire pits going (remember at night it get’s down to the 60’s!) and old movies playing. It was so vibey! Can’t recommend enough. 


We are huge “get up early to seize the day” type of people so each morning we woke up super early to enjoy the perfect morning weather and hunt for the best coffee spots. 


Berdena’s: HOLY CRAP THE BREKKIE & COFFEE IS TO DIE FOR. ADD THIS TO YOUR LIST. Also, the ambiance is SO FREAKING CUTE. Highly rec the breakfast sandwich and avo toast. I ordered the Iced Cold Brew. A classic. 

Press Coffee: This seemed to be the AZ local coffee that you have to try at least once. It was good but not my favorite of the bunch.

Sip Coffee & Beer: This place was really low key. You know it’s good when all the locals come here. I got the Quirky Jelly Tea Latte and it was SO refreshingly good. Also, made a cute IG worthy photo! 


Sumo Maya: we came here the first night we got into town. The ambiance was incredible. The second walk in you feel like you are transported to a vibey night clubish scene. The food was SO good. I wasn’t all that impressed with the specialty cocktails so I replaced my order with my classic favorite, an extra spicy skinny marg. If you come here the Shaken Beef is a must. The sushi was really good too! 

Diego Pops: your classic place to get mexican. They have an awesome happy hour. The restaurant is very IG worthy but the food was average in my opinion! 

AZ 88: THE BEST PLACE TO GET A MARTINI!!! This place was SUCH a vibe. Very chill and calming serene fiery vibes.  If you know me, you know I love a good ole espresso martini night cap. This place WAS IT. Need to go back ASAP. 


Fashion Square: We spent some time shopping at fashion square which was HUGE. Reminded me of King of Prussia. A bit overwhelming but popped into a couple stores to check it out! Great location- next to all of the fun in Old town. 

Camelback Mountain: I highly recommend GOING SUPER EARLY to beat the heat. We got out there at 6am and it was beautiful weather. We took lots of breaks and made sure to bring tons of water. The recommended amount is 1L per person. I was so proud of us for making it to the top. It was NOT EASY & I forsure did not bring the right shoes! Did not realize I’d be on my hands and knees climbing it! Clearly not a hiker! However, I managed and we made it! The views were incredible and it was honestly an experience I will never forget. It gave me a new appreciation for nature, the desert, and life in general. Going up took endurance whereas coming down was more technical and the more difficult part. It amazed me to see all of the older folks sprinting up and down the mountain! 


Before all of the girls arrived on Thursday, I scheduled Maura and I massages at the W Scottsdale Away Spa. It was exactly what we needed post hiking camelback mountain and getting ready to get rowdy for the start of bach weekend. Prior to the massage they give you a wellness ginger shot to detox then after the massage they craft up a cocktail for you to retox! LOL! Such a rejuvenating experience. 

Hope this was helpful to anyone planning a bach or considering Scottsdale as a destination! It was truly the best week ever and I can’t wait to go back because there are still so many restaurants I want to try! As always, so grateful for this community and platform for me to share this awesome trip! Until next time!