Warning ⚠️ super long post. Happy Wednesday babes! I am recapping my Miami trip/giving you all some suggestions of fun places to go if you are visiting the area! I went with a bunch of gf’s to celebrate my bff Josh’s 25th birthday! He is someone who loves his birthday so it gives us all an excuse to get together since we don’t all live in Philly anymore! His family recently moved to Miami a few years ago so we stayed with them in their beautiful home in coconut grove! 🥥🌴 We’ve all been down a couple times while we were in college so this was the first time we went post college! Long story short, it felt like a very mature relaxing vacation instead of the wild college Miami trips we’ve had in the past! We definitely grew up quite a bit and now have more interests in doing the foodie experience vs the club/bar experience. #Adulting 😉

FRIDAY: we had a late flight into Miami. Once we got to Josh’s parents house his mom had a “welcome home” sign (she’s the cutest) and a bunch of food out for a little late night snack! •coconut shrimp, chicken wings, avo kale salad, edamame salad, & sticky rice crackers!


SATURDAY: we all woke up early and started our morning with a cup of hot tea (seemed to be a trend this trip) and a light breakfast. It was usually some sort of fruit medley🍉🍒🍓🥝🍍, croissants🥐 , and some little Persian bites✨


It was pretty rainy all day so we made our way down to Brickell City Centre to grab some lunch and do a little shopping🛍 we went to Casa Tua for lunch. It reminded me a lot like Chelsea Market in NYC. There were a bunch of places you could order food from and while you were waiting in line you could have a drink! So naturally, we got some Prosecco while we walked around and explored all the different options. We ended up with some homemade pasta with a thick creamy cheese 🧀 sauce w/ bacon🥓, spicy soppresata pizza 🍕w/ thyme honey🍯, & a cabbage salad 🥗 (it’s all about balance lol). The shopping center was so cool, you were practically outside since there weren’t any doors but they had a roof over your head so you weren’t getting poured on!


Later that afternoon, the rain stopped and we made our way downtown to south beach and checked in to our hotel. We stayed at the Nautilus, SIXTY hotels. It was a very chic modern hotel. Our room had the most beautiful view of the beach.




For dinner, we went to BAOLI, it was by far my most favorite restaurant we went to during the whole trip (which is saying a lot because every restaurant we went to was AMAZING). It is on the pricey side but the experience/food/really everything there was that amazing and SO worth it. I’m a sucker for good ambiance! We got to sit on the patio so we enjoyed the beach breeze while we ate. Appetizers: sweet & spicy edamame, crispy calamari, fire roasted octopus (UNREAL), crispy rice with spicy tuna, & two-timing tuna sushi roll. Main course: wood oven roasted salmon, hot pot truffle risotto (winner of the night), & Thai wok fried wagyu beef. Dessert: Assorted Mochi Balls!

After dinner, we went to this place called Basement Miami. It was every bloggers dream photo scene. They had such pretty decor and the coolest light up signs. I am not a club girl AT ALL. As a matter of fact I hate night clubs haha I’d rather go out to a bar or a cute restaurant for cocktails. However, this place was very cool and different. It was a night club but also had a bowling alley and an ice skating rink! It was so neat, chic, & trendy! They played really great music too! Highly recommend if you are looking for something fun to do at night!


SUNDAY: we slept in a bit and started the morning at Joe & The Juice. I ordered “young blood” it was the closest thing they had to straight celery juice (you all know how much I love my celery juice)! It had celery, lemon & apple. I also did a ginger shot to revive me! After we got our juices we walked along the beach to take in the fresh air and beach breeze.


We made our way down Collins Ave & Lincoln road (there were a bunch of different shops, it was a very cute walk!) to get to our brunch location, Juvia. This brunch spot was absolutely stunning. It was allllll the way on the roof with the most spectacular view of the city and a beautiful greenery wall. We did bottomless Prosseco & a tasting menu (my fave!) 1st course: Pink Shrimp Ceviche in a coconut broth w/ crispy capers, 2nd course: Branzino with tomato marmalade over a herb salad, & last but not least DESSERT 3rd course: hazelnut roll with coconut sorbet! This was one of the best brunch experiences I have ever been too! The ambiance, food, service, & most importantly the company were all amazing!



Later that day, Josh’s mom made us lattes and we spent the rest of the day sitting on his rooftop enjoying the view and catching up! We only ever get to see her once every couple years so it is always nice to see what’s new and exciting in everyone’s lives!


For dinner, we went to a French restaurant called La Rue in coconut grove. It was a cute little place with simple yet chic decor. It was another great experience! Sam and I shared homemade duck confit ravioli with Swiss chard, black mushrooms, & ricotta cheese. We also got steamed mussels in a fresh tomato garlic parsley broth. So delicious! For dessert we went next door to Bianco and got gelato. I got the coconut grove gelato with a waffle chip! It was so yummy and the perfect end to our night!



MONDAY: We woke up early to seize the day! It was our first beautiful day (which also happened to be our last day 😦 We went to breakfast at Pura Vida. It was a cute little healthy restaurant with cold pressed juices & lattes (so up my alley lol I was so excited to come here). I ordered the avocado smash with soft boiled eggs, turmeric almond latte, & a ginger wellness shot.


After breakfast, we walked to South Pointe Beach (this was the more tame relaxed part of south beach Miami)... We’ve been here several times in college where we did the whole hoochie mama part of south beach but we are all grandma and grandpas now and hate that part of south beach! I definitely recommend South Pointe if you want to experience a more mellow relaxing trip! 🌊Funny story…. my friend Sara and I went for a walk along the beach while Sam & Josh were napping on the beach and while they were napping the water rose up to them and gave them a nice little wake up call! All of our stuff got soaked and all of our shoes washed away to the water! We went home shoeless, R.I.P. to my rainbows!


For dinner, we met up with Josh’s extended family in Las Olas which is downtown Ft. Lauderdale. We went to a Mexican restaurant called El Camino. They had cold pressed juice margaritas for $5 during happy hour (4-7pm)! The ambiance was beautiful and the food was even better! The guacamole was seriously the best guac I’ve ever had in my life. If you are ever in the area, I definitely suggest you give this place a try!


TUESDAY: We flew back to chilly philly ❄️ early Tuesday morning! Unfortunately I had to return to work that evening 😩 Overall, we had such an amazing trip! It’s always so nice to all get away from our crazy busy lives in NYC & Philly and just relax and enjoy each other’s company. There truly isn’t anything like some quality time with your girlfriends & Josh lol! We will definitely be making this a tradition!


Jasmine xo