KoKo for Kopari✨

Coconut oil is well known for being a “cure-all” for just about everything. From the kitchen to just about every beauty hack, coconut oil has show cased its way to being a hot topic! It helps make our skin glowy, healthy, hydrated, & smooth✨ It is LOADED with vitamin E, which is filled with antioxidants to keep our skin looking ageless and protect it from drying out. One of my favorite beauty brands Kopari is all about the coconuts! There coconut oil formula is high grade quality that not only feels good, smells great, and absorbs well, BUT also doesn’t make you feel like a grease ball! They incorporate shea butter, aloe vera, hibiscus oil, avocado oil, & passion fruit oil in their formula providing us with the most natural ingredients that enhance the performance of traditional coconut oil. Today, I am sharing some of my recent Kopari purchases & my honest review of them! CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR $10 off YOUR KOPARI ORDER!


Coconut Deo ($14): HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE KOPARI PRODUCT (ugh okay close tie for first with the coconut lip glossy) anyways, for a while I have been using Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant which smells amazing and did the job but would sometimes flake off white and kind of hurt to put on. So, I finally caved and decided to try Kopari’s deo! I have been using it for 2wks now and I love it! Not only does it last all day, it feels like butter when you put it on! Super smooth and hydrating. The smell is subtle and not overpowering! Highly recommend!

Coco Oil Pullers ($28): ok so coco swishing is one of the most awkward things ever. Long story short, you put some in your mouth, swish for 15-20 minutes, and spit for a whiter, brighter smile! Now you might ask, what is the point of this?? Well, it helps reduce plaque, whitens teeth, freshens breath and detoxifies your teeth/mouth/gums! Now to the reality— 15-20 mins feels like an eternity so I do this before I hop in the shower since I usually take 15-20 min showers anyways! I’ll put some in my mouth (coconut colada is my favorite flavor) then hop in the shower. Once I’m done showering, I spit it out! Pro tip: spit it out in your trash can so you don’t clog your drain! This is still something I am trying to get use to, however, your teeth feel so good & refreshed after!

Coconut Charcoal Toothpaste ($12): Charcoal is well known for purifying! Best news… Kopari has finally released a charcoal toothpaste that is amazing!! Activated charcoal helps rid all of the debris and bacteria our mouths hold… seriously our mouths are filthy (so much bacteria)! This formula doesn’t contain all of the harsh chemicals your typical toothpaste contains that cause dry mouth, chapped lips, and outer corners of mouth. It is also safe for sensitive teeth! I use the wooden Kopari toothbrush for the activated charcoal toothpaste so I don’t stain my electronic toothbrush (I am so weird about my electronic toothbrush lol)!

Coconut Toothpaste ($12): this formula contains hydroxyapatitie which is a naturally occurring mineral found in our teeth and bones, which helps strengthen & repair our enamel! The natural antimicrobial coconut oil whitens teeth, soothes inflammation of gums, and won’t erode our enamel. Personally, the mint flavor is too subtle for me. I am the type of person that loves having that minty refreshing feeling after I brush my teeth! So although not my favorite still a great natural toothpaste to use for all of the benefits it has to offer!

Jasmine xo