F45 Training✨💪🏼

I’ve always been very active my whole life! I cheered competitively throughout grade school and even cheered when I went to college. When I went back to school for nursing (my second degree) I was drowning in work trying to balance three different rotations, studying for a test every week, working part-time, and trying to find time for a social life (seriously if there is one thing I really value in life it’s quality time with my loved ones, biggest family/friends girl you will ever meet!) Anyways, I was so swamped with work that I never set aside time to workout and be the active person that I normally was! I felt gross and not myself… I was always stressed trying to excel in school, work part time, and still be involved with what my friends were up to (I get major fomo lol). Long story short, I was not my typical healthy eating, juice making, active self. 


Flash forward post nursing school and entering the working world… I found F45 Training. It’s a 45 minute HIIT workout and honestly my FAVORITE gym I have ever joined (seriously I’ve tried a lot of different gyms.. orange theory, unite, boxing, cycling…you name it). The best part about F45 is that every time you go, you do a NEW workout. It has made being active FUN again. Not only that, Aidan has joined as well which has made it even more motivating! You can expect a cardio based workout MWF, resistance training Tues, Th, Sun and full body every Sat. Side note- on Saturday’s they bring in a DJ for an hour long sweat sesh! Sooo much fun! As much as I love F45 the trainers are definitely the cherry on top. They are all SO AMAZING. Seriously, I feel like they are my friends now (lol I think anyone I talk to is my friend) because they are all so relatable and easy to get along with. They push you the perfect amount to be the best, strongest version of yourself! I’ll be the first to say my arms are SO weak but each week I feel like I am getting stronger and stronger. I definitely have the trainers to thank for that!


So if you feel like you are in a workout rut I HIGHLY suggest trying F45! I went from not working out the whole year I was in nursing school to going to F45 4-5x a week. It is such a good workout to get yourself back in the fit groove! Best part… they give you 1 week of FREE unlimited workouts, so go check out why I’m SO obsessed! 😊

Jasmine xo