Easy Mims Bar & Brunch!🥂🥑🍳🎉

Hi loves! My two bestest friends share the same birthday and we had to do something special for their big 2-5!! We knew we wanted to start the day doing something intimate with just the company of each other before we met up with a bunch of people we went to college with. We all lived together throughout college and spent every waking minute with each other so now that we are a little older and working/in school its harder to get our schedules in sync. So we told my two friends Caroline and Sam that they had to come down to our kitchen by 10:45am sharp dressed and ready for the day!

Mimosa Bar! You can get these supplies from amazon! The package I got came with a “But first, mimosas” sign, directions sign, and four juice tags! Champagne flutes can also be bought on amazon! We added sliced strawberries to each flute to spruce it up.

Classic “happy birthday” sign with “25” balloons. The package came with cute rose gold confetti balloons as well! These were from amazon too! (Seriously makes life so much easier getting everything from one place). Side tip: you can get these balloons blown up at the dollar store for cheap!

Homemade brunch. Our main course was avo toast! It was topped with turkey bacon, arugula, a fried egg, and sriracha! The fruit tray had green grapes, mango, strawberries, and kiwi. I made a shredded hashbrown casserole! It was so delicious and very easy to make! Recipe down below! Gold plates and gold stripe napkins are from five below!

Overall, it was a simple chic way to do something special for our best friends birthday! It was all totally affordable too! We eventually met a bunch of our other friends out at bars and had a fun filled day. If you want to do this for your friends and have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Shredded Hashbrown Casserole

1 pack of Trader Joe’s Shredded Hashbrown
3 Tbsp of vegetable oil
Turkey Bacon
Shredded Cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Allow pan to heat up on stove with vegetable oil. Add shredded hash browns to pan. Cook until hashbrown becomes lightly brown with crisp edges. Once oven heats up, place turkey bacon in for 10 mins flipping halfway through. When turkey bacon finishes cooking cut up into pieces. When hashbrowns are cooked, transfer to baking dish placing chopped turkey bacon on top with shredded cheese. Place back in oven but this time switch mode to “broil” (this allows the hashbrowns to crisp up even more and for the cheese to melt fast!). Take out after 5 mins on broil mode. I suggest staying around and watching in the oven when broiling because this mode can be intense and you don’t want to burn your cheese! Enjoy!