Trying to Find the Light Through Tough Times✨


I’ve been a little MIA on social media this week because I’ve been going through something very personal. So here’s a little background— For those of you that don’t know, aside from the healthified iron chef / blog life I am also a registered nurse. I kicked off my career as an RN at Hahnemann University Hospital which provides care to an underserved population. When I started my job, I was a little scared, quite frankly, I was terrified. However, with time, and the most AMAZING co-workers, and most times- the sweetest patients I found myself loving my job (sure it was tough at times, but no job is perfect). It gave me great fulfillment knowing that I was effecting positive change in the life of others. Added bonuses- I had the most amazing director. He was so blunt but he kept it REAL 100%, all the time. I had the BEST co-workers. Seriously, I give my director SO much credit for hand picking the most talented, bright, most down to earth people. We have this incredible bond that I could not be more grateful to have kicked my career off with.


However, little did we know, we were all about to go through something very tough, something a nurse NEVER thinks about going through.

Recently, we found out that our floor was temporarily shutting down and combining with a different floor due to low patient census. Sure, it sucked, we complained, but looking on the bright side at least we were all still together..

A month later, we found out our floor was PERMANENTLY shutting down.. Oh there were tears, there was fear, but at least we still had a job and at least we STILL had each other.

Earlier this week, there were several rumors surfacing of potential lay offs.

As of yesterday morning, Hahnemann University Hospital announced they were going to lay off 175 employees, 71 of them being NURSES. I just want to express NO ONE absolutely NO ONE joins the health care field fearing something like this. Typically, you join the healthcare field for STABILITY. Well, Hahnemann nurses are apart of a union. In a union, everything is based off of seniority. So the absolute newest nurses (less than a year working) were let go. I just graduated nursing school last September and started working at Hahnemann in November. So, that puts me at 5 months of RN experience. I myself, received the terrifying, devastating phone call yesterday morning that I was one of the many nurses being laid off.

Sooooo some immediate thoughts that were running through my mind… How am I going to pay off my student loans?! How am I going to support myself since I do not receive any severance pay due to not being at the hospital for at least a year?! How am I EVER going to find a home like Hahnemann with the most AMAZING co-workers?!

Obviously, it was natural to feel like that. Feel like your world is crashing down and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do to stop it. So, I had my day (rather a couple hours) to sulk and be sad but after an hour or two of being upset my fight or flight instinct kicked in and I immediately started sprucing up my resume, cover letter, and reached out to many recruiters/applied to several jobs. I will not let myself sink and I will not let myself fail. It may take time, and yes it is VERY scary, BUT I am a firm believer that EVERYTHING, absolutely everything happens for a reason and that there IS a plan for me. I am trying my best to stay positive in such a dark situation but all I can do is keep my head up and move forward. I am grateful for my time spent at Hahnemann and forever grateful to have kicked off my career with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Also, I could not have gotten through the past week without the love and support of my family and Aidan. I am so lucky and I need to keep reminding myself that.

You all know I usually try to keep it pretty light hearted on here and just give you guys updates on sales and new recipes but I thought it was important to show you a little more real side to me and that everyone has their battles. However, you will get through it, and I will get through it. Thank you for following along ❤ I am forever grateful. I will keep you updated on my job hunt journey!

Tune in to Fox News to see the full story!




One thought on “Trying to Find the Light Through Tough Times✨

  1. Beth Hamilton says:

    Such a real and beautiful post. Bad things sometimes happen to good people. But if you have a positive attitude and a true belief that everything happens for a reason, you know to just keep moving forward…and say a prayer or two!
    You are an inspiration and you have a lot of love from family and friends! You will always land on your feet…can’t wait to hear where your next adventure leads!
    Love you – XOXOX


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