WEAR FIGS✨👩🏻‍⚕️💉💊

I have been meaning to write this post for over a month now because I NEED to let you all in on how much I LOVE the scrubs brand FIGS! We all know scrubs were waaaay overdue for a huge make over. Well, the day has come & FIGS has finally solved that issue. Now, you can go to work feeling trendy in your scrubs!

I recently started my first nursing job & decided it was time to invest in some nice scrubs! I went back & forth about buying FIGS because they are a tad pricey for scrubs but after I break it down for you guys, you will see why I am all about FIGS and why you should be too! (Get your FIGS scrubs through my FIGS LINK CLICK HERE for a discount!) 😘

1. COMFORT & WRINKLE RESISTANT. These are the most comfortable scrubs you will ever come across. I PROMISE YOU. The material is super soft and durable even for your longest work days. Added bonus…… they are wrinkle resistant!! (lets be honest, no one has time to iron their scrubs!!!!)
2. ANTIMICROBIAL. Working in a hospital, there are more germs than you can imagine so knowing my scrubs are antimicrobial puts me at ease!
3. THREADS FOR THREADS. Alright, so this is the part that sold me. Each pair of scrubs you buy, Figs donates a pair of scrubs to healthcare providers in need in over 35 countries through their Threads for Threads initiative. Many medical professionals in resource poor areas don’t have access to basic medical supplies, including scrubs. In fact, many of them have never even owned a set of scrubs! I love this initiative because Figs makes sure that every doctor, nurse, and technician has the workwear they need to protect themselves, their patients, and provide the utmost quality care possible no matter their location or economic circumstance.

**So the fun part, I wanted to show you guys my favorite items! Side note- how cute that in every scrub top & pants it says “just saving lives, nbd” in the inside!**


Scrub Tops:
I like the Women’s Casma- 3 Pocket scrub top the best! This is your classic V neck line. The pockets are spacious too! I wear size XS and it is a very comfortable fit! (I tried an XXS and it fit fine but was a little tight in the armpits area so I stuck with the XS). This top is $38.

The other scrub top I like (the more trendy look) is called the Rafaela Mandarin Collar scrub top. I was SO skeptical about this top but ending up loving it. It pairs best with the jogger scrub bottoms. The pockets are hidden and on the side of the top but they sink to the bottom of the top so your pens/paper don’t come flying out. This top is oversized so I suggest sizing down. I wear an XXS in this top. This top is $38.

Scrub Bottoms:
I have the Women’s Kade Cargo scrub pants. They are your classic scrub pants! They have them in petite, regular, and tall sizes! I am 5 ft tall so I got them in a XS petite. These bottoms are $48.

JOGGER SCRUB PANTS. My newest obsession. I was also very skeptical about purchasing these because I didn’t want to look “extra” at work but these scrub pants really solve my problem of being short and always having the bottom of my scrubs drag on the floor! Also, everyone always complements them and even nurses who have worked on my floor for years love them! They are especially perfect for days its raining/snowing out so the bottoms of your pants don’t get wet! These bottoms are $48. Long story short— spruce up your workwear & GET THESE.


How cute is this Figs undershirt for your scrubs! We are all AWESOME HUMANS!!!


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