Post NCLEX Retail Therapy✨👚👖

I was out in the King of Prussia area recently taking my boards and thought I’d treat myself to some retail therapy! Plus, this time of year is my favorite season because I loooove sweater weather! I started out at Nordstrom Rack which sheeeesh let me tell you is WAY better than the one we have in center city philly. They had a bunch of great deals going on and a lot of cute fall sweaters! I got this one for $29.95! I love the zipper detail on the front sides and how the front flaps over for a layered look (wearing size XS)! Also, ignore my el natur-el face & bun its been a rough couple days of night shift but I really wanted to show you guys these amazing purchases!!👚👖

Next I ventured over to the King of Prussia Mall. American Eagle was having a great sale! Everything was buy one get one 50% off! I’ve been wanting these black frayed jeans since last year but never got around to actually getting them. I’m glad I waited because I got them for $29.90 (wearing size 2)! Also, how cute is this top!? It was only $12! It’s a little summery but I think with dark jeans it makes a cute fall top as well!


After AE, I went to Aerie where if you don’t know now you know they have the best lounge wear (besides gap fit which I also love!) It’s basically what I live in if I’m not at work! All of their stuff is very cute comfy! They were having a 30% off sale on all their sweaters! Of course the one I wanted wasn’t on sale 😦 but I had a $10 off coupon so that kind of justified getting it right?? These pictures don’t do this sweater justice… it is so so soft and SO cute on (wearing size XS)!

*PSA: I just checked the website and its on sale for 31% off right now for Halloween! Definitely going to get some in other colors because this sweater is just too good to be true!  Link to this black long sleeve


My most FAVORITE purchase are these jeans from target! Seriously they look like they are from revolve! I love the loose mom jean look, the zipper detail on the sides, and the frayed bottoms. These babies were ONLY $28 & super comfy (wearing size 00)!


If you aren’t taking a hint I love getting things for a good price. I’m frugal but love nice things. I just think with the right amount of searching you can have what you want AND find them for a reasonable price! I’m like this with grocery shopping too. The fruits and vegetables I eat each week are usually whatever is on sale at the market that week!

Happy shopping!😊


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