411 on Celery Juice✨

Now a days it seems like everybody is jumping on the celery juice train, and since I have my new juicer I decided to investigate a little further. Turns out, juicing PURELY celery juice has extreme health perks. It is most powerful when drank alone because when blended with other things the function changes and you don’t get to reap ALL of the benefits. My favorite insta account for celery juice info is @medicalmedium. His account shows crazy results from people who suffer chronic illnesses and documents amazing recoveries! Personally, ever since I was little I’ve had a skin condition on my arms called keratosis pilaris. It’s tiny little bumps all over the back of my arms. It’s something that I have been very self conscious about! I’m hoping celery juice will help smooth my skin!

Celery is a pre-biotic which means it helps the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. This gut bacteria helps improve our immune system & boost brain health! I could go on and on but figured it would be easiest to summarize what I have researched! So guys, here ya go I’m about to break down the do’s & don’ts of CJ into the simplest terms.

  • 16 oz of celery juice is best consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (other than lemon water), if you can’t do first thing in the morning try 15-30 mins before a meal or 30-60 mins after!
  • Strengthens digestion of foods consumed for the rest of the day
  • 1 lg bunch makes 16oz
  • Best to drink immediately after juicing but if you have to prep beforehand (me!) make sure to seal in air tight glass bottle!
    • Do not freeze though! The powerful medicinal qualities will decrease.
    • Washing & chopping celery stalks beforehand helps for easier prep!
  • You don’t need to cut the leaves off the stalks! However, it can offer a more bitter flavor so keep that in mind!
  • If you can’t stand the taste of celery juice alone, add one cucumber or apple to adjust the flavor, once you start getting use to it slowly start increasing the celery juice ratio until you can consume it on its own!
  • Juicing celery removes the pulp (fiber) which allows us to get the powerful healing benefits (cluster salts– help us quickly rebuild HCl acid, increase/strengthens bile, restores our CNS)
  • Kills unproductive bacteria in our gut & helps detoxify the liver!
  • ✨Health Perks include: decreasing inflammation, supports weight loss, heal digestion, reduces bloating, helps eczema/psoriasis, fights infections, prevent UTI’s, healing agent for acne, prevents high blood pressure, helps lower cholesterol, prevents ulcers, & protects liver health!


This is the veggie wash cleaner I use! I got it from Sprout’s Farmer’s Market. I use to just quickly rinse my produce under cold water for a couple seconds but never realized how important it was to wash your produce well! The veggie spray helps remove all of the bacteria and chemicals! It is pretty easy to use as well, just a couple spritz spritz, wait for 45 seconds then rinse with water! This year I am really trying to keep on top of living a healthier cleaner lifestyle!


Finished product! Yum and cheers to hopefully clearing up my keratosis pilaris! Happy juicing!

Jasmine xo


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