Sunday Sprout’s Grocery Haul 🍏🥗🌶

Happy Monday! I wanted to let you all in on my Sunday Grocery Haul for the week and show you the great deals Sprout’s has going on right now until Halloween! Everyone and their mom knows my obsession with Sprout’s Farmer’s Market, I kid you not there have been times I am there for hours roaming the aisles. Anyone else find grocery shopping therapeutic?? I guess this stems from growing up in Lancaster and always being surrounded by farmers markets filled with fresh produce and great deals! Pro tip: Wednesday’s are “Double Deal Wednesday’s” you get the deals from the previous week and the week coming. I got all of this for less than $40! Lots of great healthy recipes to come later this week 😉


Fresh Produce: They have the best fresh produce that is SO cheap you are going to want to ditch Whole Foods produce prices!
Butternut Squash: $0.88/lb
Celery Stalks: $0.98
Cilantro: $0.50
Granny Smith Apples: $0.55
Minced Garlic: $1.99
Organic Broccoli: $0.98
Spaghetti Squash: $0.88
Sweet Potato: $0.62

Sprouts Jalapeño Beef Jerky: $4.99
Apple Sauce: $1.99
Coconut Milk: $1.79
Raw Shrimp: $7.99/lb
🌶Jalapeño Almond Cheese: $3.99

  • I know what y’all are thinking… “Jas what the heck is almond cheese, gross!” I don’t know if it’s the jalapeño in it but I swear you can’t tell the difference! This is currently my favorite block of cheese (I’m a huge cheese lover). It has great flavor with less fat, no cholesterol, zero added sugar and 6g of protein so I am eating this cheese guilt free!

Bantam Bagels: $6.49 (BOGO FREE) 😍

  • My favorite flavor is the everything bagel with veggie cream cheese but the plain ones are good too! BTW, these are the bagels that you have seen at Starbucks!! They are so good and mini so you don’t feel as bag indulging a couple. These babies were also featured on Shark Tank (one of my fave shows)!

Gabriellas Skinny Pasta: 2 for $6 🍝

  • *THESE PASTAS ARE DE-LISH & high in protein, low in carbs/calories!! They are the perfect grab and go lunch/dinner if you are on the run and forgot to pack your lunch or if you are simply too lazy to cook dinner!
    Herb Spaghetti w/ mushroom polpette (330cal)
    Kale Pesto Linguini (290 cal)

Against The Grain GF Pizza: Nut Free Pesto & Uncured Pepperoni ($3.25 each)

*What I really like about this company is that they are HUGE on providing employment to people with disabilities! AMAZING!


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