Pumpkin Turkey Meatballs🎃🍝

I am all about simple when it comes to food and extra when it comes to just about anything else haha SO when I made this recipe I just had to share with you all! These 4 ingredient turkey meatballs are going to be your new favorite homemade recipe because c’mon guys everything taste way better when its homemade! For some of you picky eaters (my boyfriend is most definitely a bit of a picky eater) might run away once you saw that these are “pumpkin” turkey meatballs. WELL, let me just clear things up. The truth is, they don’t taste like pumpkin at all (sorry in advance for all you PSL fans, I’m totes a PSL fan myself lol) instead, by adding pumpkin purée to the mixture it keeps your meatballs super moist & adds extra fiber & nutrients (YAY)!! This recipe takes less than 15 to make — start to finish! Seriously guys, I am all about convenience & this recipe screams quick & easy.

As far as what to pair it with, I like adding it with some spaghetti squash (I’ll add that recipe down below!) because tis the season! However, get creative with it! You can serve with pasta, zoodles, or make a meatball hoagie! So channel your inner iron chef and make these incredibly tasty homemade pumpkin turkey meatballs! Happy cooking!



1 lb ground turkey
1/4 c pumpkin purée
1/4 c almond flour
1 tsp garlic salt, pepper, & oregano
Optional (but not really): 1/4 c parsley
1 tbsp olive oil for cooking

1. Combine all ingredients (except oil) & form into balls. Add oil to pan over medium heat & cook for 4-5 mins each side or until cooked through
2. Serve with your choice of tomato sauce & serve over spaghetti squash, pasta, or whatever your heart desires!

Spaghetti Squash Recipe
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Trick to cut squash easier: Pierce with knife 6x and place in microwave for 5 minutes
Cut in half, scoop out seeds
Drizzle olive oil, salt, pepper
Bake cut side down for 30-40 mins
You know its ready when you can easily scrape with a fork!




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